This is What It’s Like to Survive Overdose

It’s International Overdose Awareness Day. I woke up this morning alive. I finished the book my sister gave me last week, Mastering the Addicted Brain. And I wrote an emotional treatise about the three overdoses – the ones I remember. One, in the dorms, at age 17. I had taken a bunch of various forms of…… Continue reading This is What It’s Like to Survive Overdose

Free Music: Shenandoah Session

I recorded these songs on a cheap children’s guitar in a log cabin on the Shenandoah River.  The EP is available here (free, no login needed). Side A is three Civil War songs: Carry Me Back to Virginia Battle Cry of Freedom Dixie Side B is three songs near and dear to my heart: Not…… Continue reading Free Music: Shenandoah Session

Thoughts on 4 Years

Thursday marked four continuous years of recovery from problematic substance use (drug addiction). I oscillate between thinking I’ve lived a sober lifetime, and having many, many days that feel like no time at all has passed. I graduated high school in three years, not the customary four. I went to school at a community college after hours…… Continue reading Thoughts on 4 Years