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Photo credit: Kate Meyer for I Am Not Anonymous, 2016.

Thanks for being here.

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Who I Am:

Simply put: I am a writer, and I solve problems.
People, groups, and organizations pay me to write and solve problems.
I couple highly technical and soft skills to achieve these ends.

The best way to communicate with me is in person, then via phone or text. Alternatively, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
Please note: I do not use Facebook Messenger.

Recovery Advocacy.

I have been in recovery from problematic substance use (drug addiction) since April 13, 2013. I place a primacy on advocating for secular, science-based treatment for substance use disorder (addiction) and mental health. I have developed an expertise in the landscape of recovery, and understanding and explaining treatment modalities.

I also advocate for sane, functional drug policy, including decriminalization; universal healthcare; an end to mass incarceration through criminal justice reform; prison reform; and rights and opportunities for the incarcerated.

Safe use, harm reduction, and destigmatization of use and recovery matter much to me.

I am a private person, but I share my story and use my experience, education, and all resources available to me as a springboard for my action.



I am a safe person to reach out to.

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