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Released December 2017
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Deceptively short at only 34 pages, this little book of twenty poems digs deep into the realities of trauma, addiction, and the anxieties of long term recovery and sobriety.

Engaging and raw, this chapbook lays bare the highs and lows of drug addiction and sobriety. With notes about the drug war and drug policy in the afterword, this short chapbook also features open-ended discussion/reflection questions about the effects of addiction on the individual, the effects of the drug war on communities, and healing from trauma through the arts.

This inexpensive chapbook makes an excellent text for discussion groups, meetings, or classes. Purposefully written for almost any comprehension level, these poems have something for all types of people in all walks of life.

B. Rae is a nationally active recovery advocate and writer who is in long term recovery herself. Working toward evidence based drug policy and access to modernized, secular treatment for people who use drugs, the author dedicates the piece to harm reduction workers.

Video Essay: “Fixed Up”

They are from Waco, Texas. They went to the same high school. They had many of the same friends. And they both suffered from mental health issues and substance abuse.

Remarkably, they survived.

Perhaps more remarkably, they are meeting – years later – for the very first time.

This short documentary follows two of the leading female recovery voices in the United States. From common backgrounds, both women serve the recovery community in drastically different ways. One is a lifestyle guru that hosts sober social events in New York City, and the other is an advocate for reforming drug policy and therapeutic arts engagement in Washington, DC.

This video essay is recommended for those in recovery, struggling with addiction, or those interested in the lives and personalities of Texans from the “Fixer Upper” town of Waco.


Drug Policy & Recovery Advocacy

Huffington Post, 2017:
Three Things Addiction Isn’t

Huffington Post & Alternet 2017:
This is What It’s Like to Survive Overdose

Interviewed: Kitchen Table ConversationLiv’s Recovery Kitchen, 2017

Huffington Post & Drug Policy Alliance blog, 2017:
The GOP Health Care Bill Will Doom Millions Of People Struggling With Addiction

Huffington Post, Alternet, and Drug Policy Alliance blog, 2017:
Rollback Of Medicaid Expansion Could Mean The End Of Life-Saving Treatment For Far Too Many



Interviewed: How I Got This Body, 
magazine, 2017

I Am Not Anonymous, 2016

The stronger Baylor women get, the more men love football.
Dallas Morning News Op-Ed, 2016



Album: Shenandoah Sessions

Side A
Three Civil War Songs
Carry Me Back to Virginia
Battle Cry of Freedom

Side B
Songs for the Self
Not in Nottingham
Shoulda Known Better
Reasons to Quit

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There Are Rats in the Garden
Published: 2016 Waco Cultural Arts Wordfest Anthology


That Observed
Published: 2017 Waco Cultural Arts Wordfest Anthology



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